Manage Your Pet’s Nutritional Needs Via Smartphone: Pintofeed [Video] 1

Admit it: the idea of feeding your pet through a wireless device didn’t really cross your mind. Lending a helping hand to those caught up in their busy modern lives, the creative team behind Pintofeed envisioned a contemporary pet feeder which can provide food for your dog or cat automatically. The gizmo works by connecting it to a smartphone and then installing the Pintofeed app, which will learn about your pet’s typical feeding times and further create a schedule to dispense food. The most practical aspect of this device is the fact that you can feed your pet “whether you’re on the go, working late at the office or out of town on vacation”. With a tap of a button, you can send the feeding signal and food will instantly pop in the dog tray. Moreover, the application will send notifications in the form of a text, e-mail, Facebook or Twitter message letting you know you pet has been fed. Check out the presentation video above in order to see the project in action!

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