Keep Tabs on Your Front Door Anytime, Anywhere: iDoorCam WiFi [Video] 1

Just like missing a call, missing a visit can change the outcome of your day. We just discovered iDoorCam WiFi, a sleek gizmo that allows users to see and speak to the person who’s ringing their front doorbell, no matter where they are located. By installing an application on iOS and Android devices, home owners can conveniently keep track of their visitors. If you recall, we also featured a similar doorbell on Freshome a while back. According to the official project description, when a person rings the doorbell, iDoorCam sends an alert, allowing you to see, hear and speak to the person at your door from your mobile devices. A two-way audio system means visitors can also hear you talking. You can add multiple users to each device, so that everyone receives the call and can answer it. Check out the video above to see extended information on how the product works!

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